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Substantive and Developmental Book Editor

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The overall task of a good editor is to help the author achieve his/her intended goals as a writer and communicate in a clear and comprehensible way. Of primary importance is the editor's respect for the author's choice of style and themes.
High quality editing services are available for writers of novels, novellas, poetry, and plays by an experienced writer, editor, and publisher of a small literary press.

                      Kinds of Editing Services Available

Different kinds of editing are available, depending upon whether or not the author has completed a manuscript:

  • Developmental editing: The goal of developmental editing is to help an author create a completed manuscript that fulfills his/her goals and ambitions. This process often involves working closely with the writer to help him/her clarify the focus of the work, including character, plot, and theme development, and presentation style, including structure, point of view, and tone.
  • Substantive Editing: This form of editing usually takes place when a manuscript has been completed. The manuscript is read and critiqued to evaluate the degree to which the author's goals have been met. Structure, content transitions, grammar, point of view, theme development, tone, comprehensibility, and narrative flow are assessed and feedback is given to the author, along with suggestions for rewriting and/or restructuring.


Substantive and Developmental Book Editor 
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